Posterior Fourchette Fissures, Simply Explained

What is the Posterior Fourchette?

The Posterior Fourchette is located at bottom of your vaginal entrance. It is a thin tissue fold and should be able to stretch during sexual intercourse.

What is a Posterior Fourchette Fissure and what causes it?

If you are approaching menopause, you may have had an OB-GYN exam and felt some sharp pain. You doctor may have told you that you have a Posterior Fourchette Fissure.

The main cause for most posterior fourchette fissures is atrophic vulvovaginitis.

Other causes of posterior fourchette fissures include yeast infections, lichen sclerosis, and eczema.

How does Atrophic Vulvovaginitis affect the Posterior Fourchette?

When you are a young healthy woman, sexual activity is usually OK. When you are reaching menopause, your hormone levels drop. Lots of women then experience vaginal dryness. First it can feel like sand paper. As atrophy is progressing, the vaginal tissues start to shrink. Finally, the vaginal entrance could become as tiny as size of Q-tip.

Your posterior fourchette becomes tough and is not elastic at all. If you have OB-GYN exam or if you have a man in your life who want to have intimacy with you, there can be problems. It can cause the posterior fourchette to fissure, and it can tear and sting like paper cut. This results in chronic sex pain.

What treatment options are available for a Posterior Fourchette fissure?

Your doctor may prescribe estrogen pills or estrogen cream for you. However, if you are a cancer survivor, have a family history of cancer, blood clot issues, have endometriosis, or have uterine fibroids, you may not wish to use hormones at all. There is another choice:

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