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How to Choose the Best Vaginal Moisturizer : The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask

There are many different types of vaginal moisturizers and personal lubricants on the market. Especially if you're dealing with issues like vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy, it can be difficult to sort through the noise to find the right product for you.

As experts on sexual health, we created a list of the top 10 questions you need to be asking:

  1. Is the moisturizer safe to eat?
  2. Who doesn't enjoy being eaten out? If your partner is a true gentleman, he'll do anything to put a smile on your face. Do you really want a non-edible lube that could ruin the mood?

    Here's a list of Non-Edible Moisturizers to stay away from:

    • Silicone-based Lubricants
    • Petroleum-based Lubricants
    • Estrogen Creams

    Here's a list of Edible Moisturizers:

  3. Does the moisturizer contain Estrogen or other hormones?
  4. If you or your family have a history of breast cancer, or if you're concerned about breast cancer risk, it's generally wise to steer clear of estrogen and other hormones. Studies show that estrogen increases the risk of cancer.

    Estrogen creams can be dangerous to your partner, children and pets. Estrogen is very powerful. Men, children, and pets were not meant to be exposed to estrogen, and it affects them very negatively.

    There's a lot of confusion about what is or isn't a hormone, so here's a list of hormones:

  5. Does the moisturizer contain water and glycerin?
  6. Did you know that glycerin is one of bacteria's and yeast's favorite foods?

    If you've tasted glycerin lube before, you know it tastes super sweet and syrupy.

    Just add in some water and boy, you've got all the ingredients for a great big bacteria party!

    There's basically two types of water-based glycerin lubes:

    1. Lubes that are chock full of preservatives. Yes, these lubes won't cause BV or yeast infections, but in exchange, you're putting all these preservatives in your body.
    2. "Natural" / "Organic" lubes that have no preservatives. These lubes are a breeding ground for all sorts of micro-organisms. Water + Sugar will increase your risk of bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

    If you're suffering from bacterial vaginosis, especially recurrent BV, NeuEve's BV Clearing Kit can help clean it up. So give it try! We've helped thousands of women.

  7. Does the moisturizer contain vitamins and essential oils?
  8. A moisturizer that has vitamins and essential oils will nourish and heal the vaginal tissues.

    Healers and shamans have known for centuries have known about the healing power of vitamins and essential oils, and within the last century, modern science has finally caught up.

    NeuEve is a moisturizing vaginal suppository that provides therapeutic benefit and natural healing powers, due to its vitamins and essential oils. Many of our customers have reported that their vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness have improved greatly since starting NeuEve. No other moisturizer can compare.

  9. Where is the product made?
  10. When you're putting something inside your body, it's important for you to ask where it came from.

    Many vaginal moisturizers and lubricants are evasive and dodgy about where their ingredients are sourced from, and where their products are finally manufactured.

    It's not just an issue of patriotism or supporting local businesses. It's an issue of your personal health and well-being.

    NeuEve is manufactured in a suburb of Chicago, IL. NeuEve's ingredients are sourced from sustainable, cruelty-free and organic vendors. NeuEve does not conduct animal testing, nor does NeuEve make purchases from companies that conduct animal testing.

  11. Is the moisturizer safe for UTI-susceptible women?
  12. The best way to prevent a UTI is to use the bathroom immediately after sex.

    Of course, it's easy to forget to use the bathroom, as typically, your mind tends to be in a heavenly state after sex.

    If the moisturizer is made of water and glycerin, the odds of a UTI definitely increase.

    NeuEve is pH-balanced to make life difficult for bad bacteria. Bad bacteria love neutral pH, and NeuEve's pH is very low, so it's very rare that women get a UTI after using NeuEve.

  13. Should I try to save money on vaginal moisturizers?
  14. In the marketplace of moisturizers and lubes, there's a huge range of prices.

    There's everything from the cheap $5 to $20 products you can find at Walmart, to the much more premium, natural, and luxurious products.

    So the question is: how much money should I spend on a vaginal moisturizer?

    The answer to that question is another question: how much do you believe your vagina is worth?

    If you save $20, then that's another $20 bill in your pocket. But what's the price you pay, to get that $20 savings?

    Sometimes, there's nothing more expensive than cheapening out on a low-quality lubricant.

    For a product that touches your skin and gets absorbed into your vaginal tissues, saving a little bit of money just isn't worth it.

    NeuEve is the most expensive vaginal moisturizer on the market, for a very good reason. It's worth it.

  15. Will the moisturizer cause bacterial vaginosis, or prevent BV?
  16. Some moisturizers and lubricants, especially glycerin water-based lubes, can cause BV. BV is a bacterial imbalance resulting in a foul, fishy odor.

    NeuEve is pH-balanced, and uses vitamins and essential oils to prevent BV, and fight back against microbes.

  17. Will the moisturizer make vaginal atrophy worse, or help repair and heal vaginal tissues?
  18. Moisturizers and lubes, such as water-based, silicone-based and petroleum-based lubes, in the long run, can dry out the vaginal tissues and actually make vaginal atrophy worse.

    NeuEve uses vitamins and essential oils to actually heal and moisten the vaginal tissues. Thousands of women experienced improvement in their vaginal atrophy.

  19. In the long run, does the moisturizer or lube help me to get wet on my own?
  20. Almost every single moisturizer and lube on the market has no long term health benefits. They are business that want to make money. Almost every single one of them has a vested interest in preventing their customers from being able to get wet on their own.

    At NeuEve, that philosophy runs counter to our core values as people.

    We want our customers to be able to get wet, completely on their own.

    That's the difference between NeuEve and every other company.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below! If you want to email us, you can email us at Thanks and have a great day :)


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